Wearbest Weavers, LLC, a technical textile producer located in Garfield, New Jersey, has long supplied fabrics to the health-care industry–with microbe and bacterial resistant upholstery product used in hospitals, medical clinics, nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

While Wearbest’s business, like so many others around the country, has been adversely affected by COVID-19, it is our strong desire to play a vital role in supporting and serving our medical heroes by redirecting our specialty of weaving fabrics for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This includes:

  • medical gowns
  • privacy curtains
  • face masks*

We can produce a minimum of 20,000 yards of fabric per week that can promptly be made into protective gear to assist the front line of our medical community during this unprecedented time. We are looking for partners to support the cut & sew portion of this initiative.

Together we can contribute to the safety of the dedicated personnel fighting the global pandemic. 

Fabrication questions contact:
David Thomases
Executive Vice President
T: + 1 212 798 5158
+ 1 917 880 3418

Procurement questions contact:
Josh Gladtke
Managing Director
T: + 1 212 798 5160
+ 1 917 880 3418


*Wearbest has attained laboratory test results that indicate its fabric meets the national standard AATCC 127 hydrostatic pressure of  ≥ 50 cm level protection capable to provide Barrier Level – 3 fabric (ANSI/AAMI PB 70) as used in FDA approved medical gowns. The company has implemented numerous protocols with the Center for Disease Control, US Department of Labor and the NJ Departement of Health to ensure the workforce is practicing the recommended safety measures, including social distancing.